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Labor News Update - 01/18/2023

🔵 There are countless reasons to form a union in your workplace. Read about the lack of transparency from corporate that inspired these Trader Joe's workers in Kentucky:

🔵A wave of layoffs in Silicon Valley is threatening union plans to organize big tech.

Cuts at Inc., Meta Platforms Inc., Coinbase, and dozens of other companies could limit labor’s ambitious campaign to win over white-collar workers that have never unionized—and, some argue, are vital to unions’ survival:

🔵Key parts of labor board's Trump-era union election rule blocked by court

🔵Biden OSHA Revives Union-, Worker-Friendly Inspection Rep Rule

OSHA is reviving a defunct enforcement policy by proposing a rule that would allow worker advocates to take part in inspections of nonunion workplaces, even if those advocates aren’t employees.

The standard also may clarify union participation during inspections at worksites where workers are represented by organized labor.

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🔵In off-the-record conversations and private emails, AFL-CIO political director Michael Podhorzer argued that the pundits focusing exclusively on the fundamentals of the race — Biden’s approval rating and the dismal economic indicators — were missing the bigger picture. Yes, presidents usually lose an average of some two dozen House seats in similar circumstances, but that wasn’t the whole story. While many analysts argued that inflation would be more important than the diffuse issue of democracy, Podhorzer said that was myopic. He was much more right than wrong.

🔵Fighters aren’t afraid, UFC is afraid to pay fighters - Pros slam Dana White’s attack on Ngannou