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Kentucky AFL-CIO: Elections have consequences

The Republicans who want Andy Beshear’s job have at least one thing in common: They all hate unions.

“Right to work”? They love it.

Prevailing wage repeal? Same.

Unemployment insurance and workers’ compensation? Makes workers lazy, they insist.


UMWA Announces Affiliation with West Virginia School Service Personnel Association

The UMWA International Executive Board yesterday voted unanimously to pursue a partnership with the West Virginia School Service Personnel Association (WVSSPA). The WVSSPA membership covers active and retired workers in a variety of occupations that keep school offices running smoothly including; office work, school transportation, general maintenance, custodial care, school lunch and teacher aides.


AAUP Delegates Approve Partnership With AFT

Delegates at the American Association of University Professors’ biennial meeting voted to affiliate with the American Federation of Teachers Saturday, forming an alliance of 300,000 college and university faculty members, the largest such network in the U.S. The groups say their partnership comes at time of increased legislative attacks on teaching and academic freedom, and they link what they describe as persistent underfunding for higher education to student debt levels and precarity for adjunct instructors. The AAUP’s governing council previously recommended the partnership with AFT, under which the AAUP will remain an independent, autonomous organization. This new alliance is an extension of a longer-term relationship between the AFT and the AAUP. Going forward, the AFT will contribute to the AAUP’s advocacy efforts, and AFT and AAUP union chapters will be affiliated with both groups.


Make a Donation to the UMWA Strike Fund

As you are aware, hundreds of our UMWA Brothers and Sisters are currently engaged in an Unfair Labor Practice Strike against Warrior Met Coal in Alabama.

We have established a Strike Aid Fund to accept donations that will be used to help our Brothers and Sisters in their time of need.

The UMWA International contributed the first $50,000 to the fund. This is to provide additional support on top of the selective strike benefits they receive.


U.S. labor board eyeing changes to Trump-era union election rules

The National Labor Relations Board said on Tuesday that it will soon propose changes to Trump-era rules that were designed to slow down the union election process and have been heavily criticized by unions.

The NLRB in a new regulatory agenda, which outlines forthcoming rulemaking priorities, said it could propose new election procedures as soon as September.