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Labor News Update - 04/03/2023

Labor News

‘Referred to as inmates by managers’: DHL workers push to unionize US hub

'Retaliation at Its Worst': Starbucks Fires Worker Who Sparked National Union Movement

NBA and players’ union reach pact on new seven-year labor agreement

Amazon spent $14.2 million last year on labor consultants as the e-commerce giant aimed to quash union drives, according to a Labor Department filing.

Filings Reveal Amazon Spent Over $14 Million to Bust Union in 2022 Alone

CSX becomes first railroad to reach sick time deal with conductors’ union

Union Pacific routinely hires private investigators to check out employees' medical leave claims and then fires anyone who happens to leave their house while out on leave, according to a lawsuit filed against the railroad.

Derailment Spree Proves Railway Regulations Urgently Needed, Say Union Members

Employee union says Royals won’t provide them clean drinking water at Kauffman Stadium

Musk loses in court, has to delete tweet threatening Tesla workers who join union

American Airlines pilots 'near' reaching agreement on new contract - union memo

St. Louis Labor Council seeking names of union members to be remembered at 43rd annual Union Labor Mass

Labor union calls for worker protections in final cannabis bill

Chicago REl workers file for union election in latest retail organizing effort

Nevada Gold Mines, union agree to new three-year contract

Local 21 United Steel Workers raise money for sick Billerud Paper Mill employees

Shalom House workers withdraw union petition amid concerns that managers discouraged organizing

Service & Solidarity Spotlight: Disney World Workers Secure 37% Pay Raises, Other Benefits

United Auto Workers Convention Lurches Towards Reversing Concessions

Members of New York Times Union stage noisy newsroom protest

W.V.a. Governor Justice calls wage garnishment ‘grandstanding,’ says his companies will make good on debt


Teamsters President Sean O’Brien blasts UPS ahead of contract negotiations: ‘We are not afraid’ to strike



Teamsters Joint Council 39 and the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen are spearheading an effort across Wisconsin to get out the vote for Judge Janet Protasiewicz in the upcoming April 4 election for Wisconsin Supreme Court. While getting out the vote, Joint Council 39 Teamsters have been using the opportunity to also engage UPS Teamsters ahead of upcoming contract negotiations for a new National Master Agreement that will begin on April 17.

RISD Teamsters Local 251 strike Monday demanding a contract —Janitors, groundskeepers, and other staff at the Rhode Island School of Design went on strike Monday.

McDonald’s Corp is temporarily closing its U.S. offices this week as it prepares to inform corporate employees about its layoffs as part of a broader company restructuring, the Wall Street Journal reported Sunday.

Politics & Legislation

Under Biden, U.S. sees unions as key ally in democracy agenda

Chris Minns government must remove some senior bureaucrats, unions warn

How the Chicago Teachers Union Became a Political Force

Millions of people are losing essential food assistance because Republicans want to impose work requirements that benefit corporations—not families.

Meet the Activist Coalition That Outlawed Caste Discrimination in Seattle


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