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Labor News Update - 04/10/2023

Labor News

Labor News

Tensions are rising at the DHL Express global hub at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport in Hebron as the International Brotherhood of Teamsters attempt to unionize 900 workers.

Leaders of three Rutgers University faculty unions declared a strike Sunday, saying negotiations have stalled over new contracts for the 9,000 Rutgers University professors, part-time lecturers and graduate student workers they represent at the state’s largest university.

Unions accuse AdvanSix of offering pay hikes to slightly more than half the workforce

L.A. school district workers approve labor deal after strike — The agreement would increase wages by 30% for many service workers and pay a $1,000 bonus to employees who worked during the pandemic.

Denver principals union sends list of demands to Denver Public Schools regarding school safety, transparency

As France heads into its eleventh general strike in three months, one thing is clear: this is not just a retirees' uprising.

Apple reportedly held anti-union meetings at all of its US stores

Apple is continuing its efforts to prevent its retail staff from unionizing, with Apple using the events of the Towson store as a warning to others.

Jobs & Economy

Kroger Co. and acquisition target Albertsons Cos. might have to divest of even more stores than originally planned in order to get past regulators’ antitrust concerns, according to a new report.

A surprise production cut announcement this week from Saudi Arabia and several other OPEC+ oil producers complicates the Federal Reserve's mission to cool the economy and could worsen inflation in the United States, economists.

Politics & Legislation

During his Team Kentucky update on Thursday, Governor Andy Beshear acknowledged both the good and the bad of this year’s session.

8Republicans in the Tennessee state house who voted Thursday to expel from the legislature two Black Democrats (while narrowly failing to do the same to a white colleague) were in the wrong, former Republican senator Scott Brown said Sunday on CNN State of the Union.

Should Ohio raise the minimum wage? Worker activists want voters to weigh in


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This Day in Labor History 

On this day in Labor History the year was 2006. That was the day of massive protests for immigrants’ rights in cities throughout the United States. Starting in March of 2006, there was a series of coordinated protests in response to a bill passed by the US House of Representatives. The bill would classify undocumented workers as felons, and proposed a wall along one-third of the US-Mexico border.