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Labor News Update - 04/12/2023

Labor News

The Teamsters National Freight Industry Negotiating Committee (TNFINC) commenced another round of meetings with TForce Freight for a new national agreement to succeed the current contract expiring on July 31.

Compass food workers who serve elite institutions - like Smithsonian, Kennedy Center, and National Institute of Health - will picket their employer’s operations at the World Bank.

U.S. Tyson Foods workers strike at Arkansas chicken plant set to close

Registered nurses rally outside Mission Hospital to highlight safety concerns

Rutgers faculty strike expected to go to third day, as fourth union considers joining in

Rutgers president won’t rule out legal action to block strike

South Sound Labor School Teaches Young People to Organize

Union Hotel Workers in New York Suburbs Score Biggest Pay Raise in 100 Years

Starbucks union enlists potent allies in its battle with the chain

West Virginia Lawmaker, CWA union rep hopeful for special session focused on jail and prison staffing crisis

Gen Z is the most pro union generation alive. Will they organize to reflect that?

Workers behind the scenes of lowa's biggest productions seek 'voice, power and protection' through unions

Workers at the American Red Cross in Cary voted unanimously to join Teamsters Local 391. This is the fourth organizing victory at a Red Cross facility in North Carolina in the last month. This cohort joins three units of Red Cross Durham workers who also recently voted to join Local 391.

AFSCME highlights voices from 1968 Memphis sanitation strike, says issues persist today

Essential workers rally to demand minimum wage increase

LAX catering workers launch unfair labor practice strike

Sheet Metal Workers Local 36 tradeswoman-turned-contractor honored by MOWIT

Belabored: Child Labor, Child Strikes

Kentucky Democratic Party Labor Council meeting this Saturday

US union opposes driverless trucks waiver for Waymo, Aurora

Massive Tenant Union Demands Its Corporate Landlord Bargain With Them

ICYMI - The Warrior Met Coal strike has been one of the biggest labor stories in Alabama since the miners first walked out on April 1, 2021. The strike came to a fitful end in mid-February, but negotiations between the company and the workers, who are represented by the United Mine Workers of America, have continued. The miners remain determined to win the fair contract they deserve, but this week, the company threw yet another wrench into the works. According to the National Labor Relations Board’s website, a decertification petition has been filed. Essentially, Warrior Met was not satisfied by busting up the strike; now, they’re trying to break the union.

ICYMI - 'Inmates?' DHL Express, Teamsters locked in struggle at CVG unionization drive

NLRB News, Decisions & Summaries 

What a landmark sweatshop case tells us about Julie Su's approach to labor

Politics, Government & Legislation

"When we fight, we win": Rutgers strike shows rising union militancy as Dems push moderation — While beltway Democrats push their party toward the middle, the labor movement is willing to disrupt the status quo

Social Security is in the 'worst public service crisis in memory,' labor union says. What it may take for services to improve

The Penn Wharton Budget Model, bankrolled by finance moguls, is out to grow its power in Washington

Jobs, Business & Economy

With inflation stubbornly high, 58% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck: CNBC survey

Economy Gains 236,000 Jobs in March; Unemployment Little Changed at 3.5%

The developer of a beleaguered hotel project illegally housed workers in a building it owns next door to the job site — and continued to do so after being ordered to take down the makeshift dwellings, according to local and state officials.

Whole Foods closes San Francisco flagship store after one year, citing worker safety

Twitter 'no longer exists' as company officially merges with X Corp

The Postal Service wants to raise the price of a first-class stamp to 66 cents

Next Wave of Remote Work Is About Outsourcing Jobs Overseas

An employee asked to go remote. Her CEO says he outsourced her job to India instead and saved 40% on labor costs.

Call to Action 

Add your name - Pass the Richard L. Trumka PRO Act

This Day in Labor History 

On this day in Labor History the year was 1934.  That was the day that workers at the Toledo Auto-Lite factory decided to go out on strike.  The company made electric starters for the auto giants in nearby Detroit.  The punishing effects of the Great Depression had hit the auto industry hard.   


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