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Labor News Update - 04/14/2023

Labor News

“We’re Calling Bullshit”: Why Museum Workers Keep Unionizing

Music Supervisors Brace for Impact of Potential Hollywood Writers Strike

New Jersey State AFL-CIO Stands with Striking Rutgers Workers

Communications Workers of America (CWA) Union Organizing Update

Study: Unfair labor practices delay first union contracts

University students unionizing across U.S. for better pay, working conditions

UFCW launches picket as contract negotiations with Wilmington nursing home stall

Union Hotel Workers in New York Suburbs Score Biggest Pay Raise in 100 Years

Nurse practitioners at Bangor's Northern Light Acadia Hospital will hold union vote

Actors Equity signals possible strike with Jagged Little Pill leafleting

The Union of Pitt Faculty will hold another rally on April 18 before that day’s final bargaining session of the semester.

Class Struggle, US Capitalism & The AFL-CIO With Vermont AFL-CIO

Politics, Government & Legislation

Manchin And Others Could Torpedo Julie Su’s Nomination For Labor Secretary

LA. City Council members propose $30-an- hour wage by 2028 for hotel and LAX workers

Lawmakers, Culinary Union debate daily cleaning at Nevada resorts


Union asks Macon County board for raise, citing 'choking' inflation

Starved of Funds, Famous Bilingual Program Is Failing—And Teachers May Strike

Nationwide, oil companies have abandoned more than a million oil and gas wells—and the cost of cleaning them up.

Jobs, Business & Economy

Loyalty and exploitation go hand-in-hand according to a new study. Science Alert reports: “Although managers tend to value employees perceived as loyal, for example, a new study shows they also tend to exploit loyal workers when assigning unpaid work or extra tasks. These managers are not necessarily nefarious, the researchers note. Some may be oblivious, failing to…

Why most people pick the wrong career, according to a former rocket scientist

This Day in Labor History 

On this day in Labor History the year was 1930. That was the day that 114 agricultural laborers in California’s Imperial Valley paid a harsh price for joining together to try to improve their working conditions. The Great Depression was worsening the already difficult conditions faced by California farm laborers.    


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