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Labor News Update - 04/18/2023

Labor News

‘We are stronger together’: ACLU Kentucky moves to unionize

'We're in for a fight' | UPS, Teamsters begin high-stakes contract talks

 — Under new leadership, UPS' longtime union is striking a 'militant' tone, vowing to deliver overdue gains for workers in the U.S.'s biggest private-sector labor contract


Southern California Teamsters rally for a new contract


Administrators at Governors State University and the school’s faculty and staff union have reached a tentative agreement, ending a strike that began April 11, according to union officials.

‘Not Too Much to Ask’: Harvard Undergrad Workers Rally for a Union After University Denies Recognition

California State University student workers took a step toward forming a union Monday

Update on where the Buffalo teachers union contract negotiations stand

Juneau School District and teachers union reach tentative agreement

Hollywood writers voted overwhelmingly in favor of giving union negotiators the power to call a strike, moving a step closer to a production shutdown that would hamper studios and disrupt what viewers see on television.

Staff of Burlington Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shop to unionize

While there will be strikes inside PNC Park on Thursday during the Pirates next home game, there could also be striking workers outside on a picket line.

Another Rutgers union considers strike as profs return to classes

Hundreds of workers at a Philly Coca-Cola distributor are on strike. Here’s why.

Union-busting is Disgusting: Wells Fargo Fears the Union Boogeyman

Holthouser: 'The greatest honor I have received in my professional career'

Steelworker James Campbell has been elected interim chair of the Kentucky Democratic Party's new Labor Council.

IN MEMORIAM: Union members we recently lost 

Politics, Government & Legislation

Electing Union Members to Office Is Good, Actually

PRO Act would finally crack down on the illegal union busting of Starbucks, other companies

Bernie Sanders: We must raise the minimum wage to a living wage

NLRB News, Decisions & Summaries

Confirm Julie Su for Labor Secretary 

Jobs, Business & Economy

Millions of Americans could face massive consequences unless Speaker Kevin McCarthy can navigate out of a debt trap he has set for President Joe Biden that is instead threatening to capture his House Republicans.

We’ve Been Measuring the Economy All Wrong...Questionable theoretical assumptions drive economic models to rubber-stamp disastrous policy changes.

This Day in Labor History 

Labor History in 2:00 Podcast:

On this day in Labor History the year was 1857. That was the day that Clarence Darrow was born in Kinsman, Ohio.  Darrow was perhaps the original U.S. labor lawyer.  Known to be a friend to underdogs, Darrow once supposedly said, “Lost causes are the only ones worth fighting for.”  


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