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Labor News Update - 04/19/2023

Labor News

Hawaii State AFL-CIO Brings 'Labor of Love' to Dole Intermediate School

Eugene REl store could be among first in the nation to unionize

Dignity, Safety and Fair Pay for All Workers: In the States Roundup

The union representing ushers at PNC Park avoided a strike after reaching a tentative agreement with the Pittsburgh Pirates.

How Fran Drescher Went From TV Nanny to Union Leader

Politics, Government & Legislation

U.S. district judge strikes two Indiana laws affecting teachers union members

NLRB News, Decisions & Summaries

Let's go, Julie Su: 'Modern-day Frances Perkins' tapped to lead U.S. Dept. of Labor 

Jobs, Business & Economy

Economy stumbled after banking crisis, stirring renewed recession fears

Saunders: AFSCME working its way back from COVID's impact

This Day in Labor History 

Labor History in 2:00 Podcast:

This marks the day one of the most horrendous acts of domestic terrorism in U.S. History occurred in Oklahoma City. 

A truck bomb exploded at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building killing 168 people. 


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