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Labor News Update - 04/20/2023

Labor News

In L.A. Schools, Solidarity Strike Scores Big for Both Unions

Sun Country Airline Workers Vote To Unionize - Management Fought Back

Actors' Equity Members and League of Resident Theatres Ratify New Agreement

As Big 3 Negotiations Loom, Belvidere Closure Shows Automakers Still Using Same Playbook

WGA Strike Authorization Vote

"Progressive' companies: Get ready for your workers to make you prove it

Majorities of adults see decline of union membership as bad for the U.S. and working people

The union representing the largest number of General Electric workers ratified a contract with the company Tuesday that would give workers a 12% pay increase.

Politics, Government & Legislation

Kentucky: Buddy Wheatley Outraises Incumbent Secretary of State Michael Adams

New Poll Confirms Kentucky's Andy Beshear One of the Most Popular Governors in the Country

West Virginia Governor says no special session on jails staffing until there’s clear consensus

A new Politico article laid out the “increasingly bitter” primary that has led to over $6 million in Republican-on-Republican attack ads, with each candidate vying to be more extreme than the next. Even worse for the GOP: recent polling by Emerson College and Fox 56 show a “tightened” race with both leading candidates and their allies now hitting each other on the airwaves.

This Day in Labor History 

Labor History in 2:00 Podcast:

On this day in Labor History the year was 1853.  That was the day that Harriet Tubman led her first trip on the underground railroad, the clandestine network that helped enslaved people escape slavery and move north to freedom.  One of the most remembered ‘conductors’ on the railroad, Tubman had herself escaped slavery in eastern Maryland.   


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