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Labor News Update - 04/26/2023

Labor News

Kentucky: Dozens of Fayette County members of the employee union KY 120 United-AFT attended Monday night’s school board meeting in protest after they said the district and Superintendent Demetrus Liggins is no longer recognizing the group.

West Virginia: Strike from Teamsters workers with Coca-Cola could be a lengthy one

California:  Amazon contract drivers in Palmdale join Teamsters union

California: Union workers of Teamsters 542 are on strike

Pharmacy workers in Illinois are fed up with low wages and unfair practices by major pharmacy chains.

The Animation Guild Attempts Expansion Into Texas With Latest Organizing Drive

The United Food and Commercial Workers International Union Local 27's picket of Kentmere Nursing and Rehabilitation Center continues as contract negotiations drag on. The UFCW hosted a rally Sunday as it seeks a new deal. Workers' previous contract expired in February.

AFSCME’s Saunders: Now More Than Ever, Library Workers Must Have a Seat at the Table

Bad for Working People: The Working People Weekly List

Sega of America workers are forming a union

Writers Guild Issues Rules for Potential Strike: Writing, Pitching and Negotiating for Work Are Barred

Oakland Unified School District teachers voted in favor of a strike, the union representing them announced Tuesday afternoon.

Stellantis Seeks to Cut About 3,500 US Jobs, Union Letter Says

Battery startup Sparkz strikes partnership with auto workers union

The Teamsters Local Union 542 sent out a Community Alert to residents, public transportation passengers, and public officials of Imperial County Friday, April 21, confirming that the union would be taking labor action after months of negotiations with Imperial Valley Transit. The union represents utility workers, mechanics, and bus drivers who work for Imperial Valley Transit, according the Community Alert.

Paper mill, union workers agree on labor contract

Salt Lake City Public Library workers announce formation of union

Politics, Government & Legislation

President Biden delivers for working people, most pro-union president of our lifetime

President Joe Biden on Tuesday delivered a fiery speech to a union audience just hours after launching his 2024 reelection bid, receiving with a broad smile the applause from the loud and supportive crowd, who chanted “Four more years!” and “Let’s go, Joe!”

Huge changes are coming for our workplaces, quick as a heat wave. This month Joe Biden inked new rules to make all-electrics the majority of new cars sold in America within a decade.

Teamsters praise California legislation that would require human operators in autonomous big rigs

Maine could crack down on employer intimidation during union drives

On heels of Rutgers strike, strikers in NJ will now have faster access to these benefits

Amalgamated Transit Union, which supports transit employees in the U.S. and Canada, has been working for years to attempt to increase protections for Oregon’s transit workers. “We first tried a bill in twenty seventeen that didn't quite make it all the way through," said Executive Board Officer Bill Bradley. The focus of the bill was to redefine charges for assaults on transit workers, which currently only includes assaults that occur when an employee is driving.

NLRB News & Decisions 

Julie Su is a champion for workers everywhere. The Senate must confirm her.

AFL-CIO: Julie Su's confirmation hearing shows she is the right choice to lead the Department of Labor

Jobs, Business & Economy 

Yellow Corp. said Tuesday it has approved Teamsters selection David Webber to serve on its board of directors. As a holder of the company’s series A preferred stock the union is allowed to hold two board seats.

UPS confident of reaching agreement with Teamsters by July-end

Stock market today: Stocks tumble on profit, economy worries

This Day in Labor History 

Labor History in 2:00 Podcast:

In 1848 gold was discovered at John Sutter’s Mill in California. As word spread, fortune seekers from all across the United States and across the world flocked to California in what came to be known as the Gold Rush.  


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