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Labor News Update - 04/27/2023

Labor News

Teamsters leaders, saying their members “do not cross picket lines,” have joined the chorus of unions supporting the WGA in its ongoing negotiations for a new film and TV contract with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers. Those talks are now in their final week, and a strike, if it comes to that, could come as early as next Tuesday.

Stellantis wants to cut 3,500 hourly skilled and production jobs in the United States, and it plans to offer buyout packages "corporate wide," according to a letter from a local UAW official.

IATSE President Issues Statement of Support for Writers as Strike Deadline Approaches

The tenured and tenure-track faculty at the University of Michigan – Flint (UMF)  have begun efforts to unionize.

First Albany Starbucks union strike at Academy Park

The Rutgers Strike is a Turning Point for Higher Ed

University of Michigan graduate student instructors and staff assistants have been striking for almost a month. Now, the institution is trying to grade without them.

ICYMI - The teacher’s union Kentucky 120 United AFT says Fayette County Schools is no longer recognizing them.

ICYMI - California-based battery manufacturer startup Sparkz Inc said Tuesday it had agreed to a partnership with the United Auto Workers (UAW) union as it finalizes plans to begin commercializing zero-cobalt, zero-nickel battery production.

UPS union negotiating contract for thousands of Louisville workers

Street Chaos and Long Hours Push Farmers’ Market Workers to Unionize

Fordham Graduate Workers Walk Out! Three Day Unfair Labor Practice Strike

Museum Of Science And Industry Workers Ask Bosses Not To Interfere With Unionizing Effort

Memphis Sanitation Workers reach 5-Year contract deal with pay raises

 UFCW Local 227: Organizing Victory Please join us to congratulate Lush employees who unanimously voted to start a union at their store today! They are the FIRST store to unionize in the United States, but certainly not the last!

Workers Memorial Day 

Workers Memorial Day 2023On April 28, the labor movement observes Workers Memorial Day to remember workers killed, injured, or made ill on the job and to renew the fight for strong safety and health protections.


April 28 is Workers Memorial Day, commemorating those killed, sickened, or injured on the job. As part of a week of events, today the National Council for Occupational Safety and Health is releasing its “Dirty Dozen” report.

On Workers Memorial Day, remember the labor unions that fought to make work safer

To Observe Workers Memorial Day, AFGE Raises Awareness on Workplace Violence

Politics, Government & Legislation

Third grade teacher in Austin, Texas gets reprimanded for teaching students about their ‘legal and constitutional rights’: ‘I’m concerned that they find that concerning’

ALLIANCE FOR RETIRED AMERICANS: Urge the House not to vote to harm older Americans

Policymakers should say no to school voucher bills:

Kentucky: No, Kelly Craft's campaign ad targeting 'wokeness' in schools doesn't hold weight

CWA Union Members Fight for Hospital Funding and Raising the Minimum Wage in NY

LiUNA!: Trump's claim that he's pro worker 'is a flat-out lie'

Kentucky teachers talk about why they leave classroom

NLRB News & Decisions 

Julie Su is a champion for workers everywhere. The Senate must confirm her.

AFL-CIO: Julie Su's confirmation hearing shows she is the right choice to lead the Department of Labor

Jobs, Business & Economy 

25 Things You Need to Know from the 2023 Death on the Job Report

UPS says the US economy is slowing down — America's largest trucking company said Tuesday that revenue fell 6% in the first quarter compared to a year earlier, as its operating profit fell 22%. Its earnings fell just short of Wall Street forecasts for the period.

Goodbye to the Dried Office Mangoes — 

Google is clawing back its famously lavish employee perks, sending a message that might be more symbolic than practical.

Where was West Virginia’s first coal mine?

McDonald’s customers are starting to balk at higher Big Mac prices

GM adds new partner to build its 4th battery cell plant in US

Americans are getting worried about the job market

This Day in Labor History 

Labor History in 2:00 Podcast:

On this day in Labor History the year was 1825. That was the day that saw what is widely considered the first strike for the ten-hour work day.  It happened in Boston.  Journeymen carpenters had grown tired of being required to work from sun up to sun down.  They decided it was time to make a stand.  


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