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Labor News Update - 05/03/2023

Labor News

Construction union strike puts pause on projects around St. Louis

Medieval Times Charged With Illegal Union-Busting At California Castle

Starbucks staff strikes after lead organizer was sent home for wearing pro-union shirt

Letter Carriers Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive May 13

The threats against public education are dire, and in a major address March 28, AFT Union President Randi Weingarten was frank as she enumerated them. Yet, her leading message was one of hope. Weingarten not only described the shimmering promise and purpose of public education, she also laid out a clear and powerful pathway to realize its potential and overcome learning loss with four specific strategies: community schools; experiential learning; addressing teacher and staff shortages; and ensuring genuine partnerships among parents, families and educators.

The Fight for Justice Is a Global One

The heart of labor is beating strong in Chicago and Illinois

Workers of the world go for a walk: May Day in San Francisco

May Day reminds us that the fight for workers rights continues

AFL-CIO stands in strong solidarity with WGAE and WGAW members on strike

Writers Guild Negotiators on Where Talks Broke Down: “They Really Weren’t Interested in Making a Deal”

As labor contract negotiations heat up in Hollywood, unions representing writers and actors seek limits on artificial intelligence.

A letter from SAG-AFTRA President Fran Drescher and NED Duncan Crabtree-Ireland

Illinois’ House speaker, an ally to organized labor, faces a push from his own employees to unionize

The National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) has sounded the alarm about the use of sports betting apps, warning agents that the mobile gambling platforms can track their clients' activity, leading to stiff penalties.

Solidarity Can Come From Anywhere: How a California Lowrider Club Has Been Helping the United Farm Workers Union

Oakland’s teachers are preparing to strike on Thursday — how has it gotten this far?

An Injury to One is an Injury to All: In the States Roundup

Politics, Government & Legislation

Jan Resseger: The Unfair Attack on Randi Weingarten and Unions in the NYTimes

Democrats Shouldn’t Fall for McCarthy’s Debt Limit Ransom Attempt

The union for Philly sanitation workers is dumping mayoral candidate Jeff Brown over his ‘pick up the damn trash’ comment

The Virginia Education Association is calling for an investigation by the state's auditor over concerns of "misappropriated" state funds involving institutions of higher learning.

NLRB News & Decisions 

Julie Su Nomination Advances; Show Your Support

Jobs, Business & Economy 

A non-profit organization that supports line workers and their families is collecting donations after the death of an AEP lineman in West Virginia last week.

Michigan repealed its 'right-to-work law, a victory for organized labor

May Day rally at Texas Capitol: Advocates gather for improved working conditions

This Day in Labor History 

Labor History in 2:00 Podcast:

May 3 - Blood in the Streets for the Eight Hour Day.

On this day in Labor History the year was 1886. A little after three o’clock on that Monday, in Chicago, radical labor activist and newspaper man August Spies climbed onto a box car to give a speech about the fight for the eight hour day.  


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