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Labor News Update - 05/23/2023

Writers Guild of America Strike Updates

WGA Strike Hub website:

Why The 2023 WGA Strike Matters

Striking Hollywood writers lament residuals slide

WGA on strike! Writers are facing the most comprehensive assault on compensation and working conditions that they have seen in a generation

As the writers' strike lingers, TV showrunners are opting out of publicity for their work

Which TV shows are affected by the 2023 writers’ strike?

Sean Penn, backing WGA strike, says studios’ stance on AI a ‘human obscenity’

James Cromwell Says ‘Succession’ Speech Proves Writers’ Value, Backs Strike: ‘We Will Win. Union!’

Fast and Furious actor Vin Diesel champions support for Hollywood writers' strike

Celebrities Are Standing With the Writers Guild of America

Star Wars Boss 'In Full Support' Of Hollywood's Writers Strike

Production of 'Duster' suspended in NM as union workers support writer's strike

How Actors and Writers Striking Together Could Change Everything

David Zaslav Gets Booed at Boston University Graduation Amid the Writers Strike

Writers' strike comes to Maplewood

Take Action: Stand with Striking Writers

Labor News

Top Story: Organizing Despite the Churn

When the Amazon Labor Union first submitted union authorization cards, “we had to withdraw and file again,” recalled organizing committee member Justine Medina, “because Amazon challenged over 1,000 of our signatures saying they no longer worked there.”

The sky-high turnover at the 8,000-worker fulfillment center on New York's Staten Island, made collecting cards “a race against Amazon firing everyone,” she said.

Kaiser Aluminum Reaches Deal With Labor Union At Warrick Rolling Mill

Hispanic Society Museum Workers Approved a New Union Contract, Ending a Grueling Two-Month Strike

AFL-CIO: Stands in solidarity with OPEIU Local 39 members on strike at CUNA Mutual in Madison

CUNA Mutual workers go on strike as contract negotiations stall

Doctors at Elmhurst Hospital Center go out on strike, say pay in Queens is lower than in Manhattan

Seattle Amazon workers plan walkout over return to office, layoffs

After a week of walking the picket line, the union for Dalton Public Schools bus drivers accepted a contract Friday afternoon with the private company that operates transportation for the school district.

Starbucks Union Workers Have a New Strategy to Win a First Contract

Changing institutional culture from the inside out: why more and more US museum workers are forming unions

Common Good a Big Subject in Oakland Schools Strike

Physicians strike at Elmhurst Hospital

The latest workers calling for a better quality of life: airline pilots

Carnegie Museums workers approve first union contract, including pay raises

Politics, Government & Legislation

The War On Public Education, Tech & The Writers Guild West With Education Lawyer Kathleen Carroll

One of Oregon’s largest labor unions says it’s going to try to oust a Democratic state lawmaker who has been a longtime labor ally.

Helen Gym Lost, But Philly’s Progressive Movement Isn’t Going Anywhere

NLRB News & Decisions 

Amazon Covid Changes and CEO's Anti-Union Comments Broke Law, Labor Board Alleges

James Holbrook: Protect our fight for a fair deal: confirm Julie Su as secretary of labor

Jobs, Business & Economy 

U.S. Beer Industry Contributed $409 Billion to Economy in 2022

More Americans Are Struggling Financially, as Inflation Takes a Toll — 

A new Federal Reserve survey finds that the strong job market hasn’t been enough to offset the rising cost of living for many families.

Workplace Safety

We must correct the misclassification of workers in Pennsylvania

Report: Alabama is one of the top 10 deadliest states for workers

This Day in Labor History 

May 23 - Solidarity in Toledo

How can unionized workers and unemployed workers stand together?  Perhaps we can look to the past for examples of the power of such solidarity. On this day in Labor History the year was 1934.  It was the height of the Great Depression.  


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