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Labor News Update - 08/7/2023

#HotLaborSummer Strike Coverage

Striking writers met with Hollywood studios for the first time in months

Writers' Strike to Continue Indefinitely After Stalled Negotiations

Writers Blast Latest AMPTP Efforts to Resume Negotiations: “Insulting and Out-of-Touch”

SAG-AFTRA Foundation call to help thousands of performers in crisis answered by some of the industries highest earning actors donating millions for emergency aid

LA school union members join SAG-AFTRA, WGA picket line

Teamsters Union striking against Roanoke Concrete

Some of California’s best-paid public employees say they’re ready to strike. Here’s why

Who’s on strike and who’s close? Labor unions are flexing

Termination risks, collecting unemployment: A look at workers rights amid a 'summer of strikes'

Is 2023 the summer of strikes for US workers? Here’s what the data says.
About 650,000 workers were expected to strike or are on strike this summer. How do those numbers compare to pre-pandemic years?

Labor News

Grindr retaliated against employees for trying to unionize by forcing them back to the office, labor complaint alleges

NYCHA workers get union status, but lose remote-work option

UAW President Fain Fighting for More Than Money — “Our members are working 60, 70, even 80 hours a week just to make ends meet – that’s not a living,” UAW President Shawn Fain says. “That's barely surviving, and it needs to stop.”

UAW seeks massive contract gains as automakes enter the EV era

MBTA reaches deal with largest union

Some Philly Dunkin’ workers want to unionize — A group of 46 employees who work at a manufacturing center for Northeast Donut Shops Management Corporation filed paperwork to join the United Food and Commercial Workers.

When M.D.s Go Union: The wave of professionals who are joining unions has now reached the ranks of physicians

CEO pay averaged $16.7 million last year at S&P 500 companies, a decline

Wage Gains at UPS Have Amazon Workers Demanding More

Two weeks added for more contract talks between Frontier and CWA employees

NLRB News, Updates & Summaries

Summary of NLRB Decisions for Week of July 24 - 28, 2023

Google illegally cut contract staff who worked on AI, union alleges

Politics, Legislation & Government

Kentucky Republicans seek to nationalize gubernatorial race as state Democrats keep focus local (note, Kentucky Governor, Andy Beshear (D), is pro-union and unanimously endorsed by the Kentucky AFL-CIO)

Michigan Registered Nurses Demand Safe Staffing Levels

Taxi workers to protest expansion of driverless cars in San Francisco

New protections for NJs temporary workers to go into effect

Workplace Safety & Health

Delays in federal workers' comp can lead to delayed medical care, turning injuries into disabilities

Man who threatened poll workers and Arizona officials is sentenced to 3 1/2 years

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Labor History in 2:00:  This Day in Labor History

August 7 - Fighting to Be Heard

In the early 1980s telephone service in the United States went through a major shake-up.  Up until that time AT&T through their Bell Operating Companies monopolized almost all of the telephone service in the nation. One-hundred-fifty million phones were part of the Bell network.