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Labor News Update - 08/11/2023

#HotLaborSummer Strike Coverage

‘Staggering solidarity’: How California’s summer strikes broke down wealth, class barriers

Writers Guild Sets New Negotiations Session With Studios, Streamers for Aug. 11 — The WGA informed members Thursday that the AMPTP requested the meeting in response to the guild's proposals that were outlined Aug. 4 in the so-called talks about talking.

Creators vow not to scab as SAG-AFTRA, WGA strikes continue

Opinion: helped write the surprise Netflix sensation 'Suits.!' My reward? $259.71

From Pruned Ficus Trees To Blocked Sidewalks: The Obstacles Picketers Had To Overcome During 100-Day WGA Strike

Jeopardy! contestants weigh a second shot at glory versus crossing the picket line — ‘I’m certainly judging the studio for putting us in this position’

Robert Reich on the Hollywood Strikes, Tech “Leviathans” and a Second Gilded Age — "We can't simply sit back and assume this is normal or necessary or inevitable," says the former U.S. Labor Secretary.

UAW mulls target company in negotiations

Labor News

Is an AI system to blame for JCPS' bus fiasco? The union president of Local Teamsters 783 attributed it to a system called AlphaRoute.

'Going from one side of town to the other' | JCPS bus driver union leader calls for major route changes:
John Stovall of Teamsters Local 783 said he knew the new routes weren't going to work, because his drivers were sobbing practicing them even before Wednesday.

VA signs new labor agreement with AFGE, its first update in more than a decade

Ohio State Respiratory Therapists Become 50th AFT Organizing Victory This Year

Wabtec, Union to Meet Next Thursday After No Agreement Reached Tuesday

Maine State Employees Union, Spurned by Mills Over Pay Increases, Considers Illegal “Sick Out”

SAG-AFTRA Takes Up Bethenny Frankel’s Fight To Unionize Reality Show Contestants & End “Exploitative Practices”

CWA Union Worker Power Update — CWA Activists Defeat Anti-Worker Ballot Measure, Preserve Democracy; More

On Lizzo and Sex and Bananas, Oh My! — At the end of the day, the Lizzo story is not about sex: it’s about Labor!

Robert Reich: If bosses are raking it in, shouldn’t employees, too?

UPS CEO says drivers will average $170,000 in pay and benefits at end of 5-year deal


The University of Kentucky Title IX lawsuit alleging that the school does not offer equal opportunities for women athletes went to trial this week, though a ruling hasn’t yet been issued.

Ironworkers’ Loud Contract Campaign Gets the Goods

NLRB News, Updates & Summaries

Summary of NLRB Decisions for Week of July 31 - August 4, 2023 

Politics, Legislation & Government

Longtime West Virginia state lawmaker Caputo won’t seek reelection in 2024 — Caputo worked for years as a union coal miner. He was active in his local and stood on many picket lines. He began working for the United Mine Workers Union in 1996.

Kentucky governor’s efforts to help storm-ravaged towns may dilute GOP advantage in rural areas

Kentucky... a tale of two speeches — The contrast could not have been more striking: Cameron with smear after smear, and Beshear with accomplishment after accomplishment

Tennessee Organizers Are Taking the State Back From the Right. Here’s How.

West Virginia: Lawmaker, firefighting leaders say more work to do on funding post-special session

Biden stuck between 2 priorities as UAW confronts EVs — The autoworkers’ union wants to make sure electric vehicle plants can be organized and that subsidies aren’t favoring non-union companies.

Workplace Safety & Health

Norfolk Southern content with minimum safety too often, regulators say after fiery Ohio derailment

The same corporate lobbying groups blocking action on climate change are fighting efforts to protect workers from its intensifying effects

Jobs, Business & Economy

'It's going to be hard on a lot of families.' | Southern Indiana farmers prepare for Tyson plant closure

Amazon scraps private label brands to cut costs, address antitrust scrutiny - source

Amazon uses badge-swipe data to tell employees they aren’t complying with return-to-office policy

Focus: FTC queries on Kroger's Albertsons deal focus on small grocers

UPS offers to help JCPS sort out busing problems — As Jefferson County Public Schools scrambles to solve its self-inflicted "transportation disaster," the district may draw upon the help of one of the world's most sophisticated logistics companies, which happens to have a major presence in Louisville.
(Backstory: JCPS schools closed: Marty Pollio calls first day a 'transportation disaster' )

Supreme Court blocks $6 billion opioid settlement that would have given the Sackler family immunity

The freight recession is getting worse as the economy detoxes from the pandemic trucking boom

Kentucky Gov. Beshear Joins BlueOval SK Executives as Construction Advances at Battery Park in Glendale

Labor History in 2:00:  This Day in Labor History

August 11 - Fighting for a Say

On this day in Labor History the year was 2013. That was the day a somewhat unexpected new union formed in Bangor, Maine.  Local 207 of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace workers represents lobster fisherman.  Lobster fisherman are known for being fiercely independent. 

Labor History in 2 is a daily, pocket-sized history of America's working people, brought to you by The Rick Smith Show team.

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