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Labor News Update - 08/14/2023

#HotLaborSummer Strike Coverage

SAG-AFTRA Video Shows Its Members Picketing & Rallying Nationwide As Producers Guild Presidents Join Picket Line Today

Lisa Edelstein Reveals She Received 97 Cent Residuals Check for ‘Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce’: ‘That’s Not a Livable Wage’

Hollywood saw global TV as strike insurance. Workers of the world have other plans

How writers', SAG strikes inspired global worker solidarity

Striking Writers and Actors Hold the Line Against Tech Slicing and Dicing

Celebrity Chef John Tesar was captured on video yelling at striking hospitality workers outside of his Orange County restaurant Knife

UK film and TV workers feel the pinch from US strike: Hollywood action has broad support in UK but is hitting livelihoods decimated by pandemic and arts cuts

‘Staggering solidarity’: How California’s summer strikes broke down wealth, class barriers

Thousands rally on Las Vegas Strip in support of food service workers demanding better pay, benefits

Union workers call on Wabtec to ‘do the right thing’ after over a month of striking

In a Summer of Strikes, It’s Time for Pro-Worker Legislation

Labor News

UPS Teamsters Across the Nation Are Voting on the Tentative Agreement

How the Teamsters Went Up Against UPS and Won a Historic New Contract

Orlando union buster fails to dissuade massage therapists from organizing

Hawai‘i Ag & Culinary Alliance starts Kokua Fund for Maui displaced hospitality workers

Two weeks after employees filed to organize, Grindr told some they had to change cities or would lose their jobs

Grupo Simec closes its Republic Steel mill in Canton, leaving union blindsided by the news

Labor Speaks Out On Robotaxis At California Public Utility Commission Meeting

AI Could Be a Godsend for Accessing Public Benefits—Or a Nightmare

Rhode Island School Transportation Workers Secure Wage Boost, Bonuses in New Contract

Las Vegas food service workers demanding better pay and benefits are set to rally on Strip

Kissimmee firefighters, officials still at impasse over contract

Labor center launches with goal of teaching, protecting workers’ rights

West Virginia Mine Wars Museum: 55 Strong: Inside the Teachers' Strike is a great source to learn more. Pick up your copy from our online shop or come and see us in Matewan!

NLRB News, Updates & Summaries

Starbucks’ Civility Rule Violates Labor Law, NLRB Judge Says

Politics, Legislation & Government

How Issue 1 Was defeated: "Ohioans of all walks of life Democrat, Republican, independent, labor, business, rural, urban

union leader and president of AFL-CIO Tim Burga.Burga was thrilled by the breakdown of votes. Twenty-two of Ohio's 88 counties voted no against lssue 1, making up nearly 60% of the vote.

Feds bolster public construction wage rules as billions pour into Indiana infrastructure projects

GM Must Fold Ultium Cells Workers Into National UAW Contract, Says U.S. Senator For Ohio

Kentucky Lantern: Court fight raises doubts about Cameron’s commitment to transparency

Workplace Safety & Health


Black lung cases surge, miners seek relief through rule proposal

Jobs, Business & Economy

WVU recommends cutting 169 faculty positions, 32 majors

Report: Alabama CEOS make 226 times more than the average worker

Labor History in 2:00:  This Day in Labor History

August 14 - A Little Security for Workers

On this day in Labor History the year was 1936.

That was the day that President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act into law. 

The act was a key piece of the President’s “New Deal” a series of federal programs responding to the ravages of the Great Depression. 

Social Security would provide an income for retirees and the disabled, to ensure they did no slide into complete destitution. 

Labor History in 2 is a daily, pocket-sized history of America's working people, brought to you by The Rick Smith Show team.

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