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Labor News Update - 01/19/2023

🔵 A federal court ordered a California nursing home operator to pay $690,696 to 108 employees after it denied them overtime wages and made them work through lunch breaks without pay, the Department of Labor announced last week.

🔵Disrespect, disenfranchisement and disinheritance of workers—of whatever race, color or creed—produces “a fertile environment” for hate and “fascist ideology.”

🔵When there’s an economic slowdown, the racial employment gap grows. But mainstream economic data doesn’t always reflect the struggle, according to William Spriggs, Howard University economics professor and chief economist for the AFL-CIO.

🔵After months of activism on UNC's campus surrounding increased wages and free parking for University housekeepers, a list of demands is being brought to the UNC System Board of Governors.

🔵Sanders calls on Starbucks CEO to end 'ruthless union busting campaign'

🔵Voluntary Recognition of Unions Is Increasingly Popular Among U.S. Employers

From minor league baseball to Microsoft, businesses in a range of industries are respecting their workers' right to come together in unions.

🔵Southwest Airlines pilots' union plans to hold a vote that could give it the power to call a potential strike, a move that comes weeks after the carrier's holiday meltdown further strained ties with its workers' unions.

🔵From baristas organizing at Starbucks to warehouse workers organizing at Amazon, it seems like labor unions are all over the news lately. But did you know there’s a labor union for musicians in Austin?

🔵French union threatens to cut electricity to MPs, billionaires amid nationwide strike

🔵UIC faculty union strike continues

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