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Labor News Update - 01/24/2023

It has been almost a year since workers at an Amazon warehouse in New York voted to start the company's first-ever labour union in the US - an historic labour victory that won global attention. But the fight remains unfinished.

An Inc. warehouse worker who helped lead a hotly contested union campaign in Bessemer, Alabama, said he was abruptly terminated without explanation.

Employees, union reps rally during first day of Starbucks trial

Union ratifies contract with Ingredion, ending nearly six-month strike

‘I’m glad we stayed strong because we ended up with a lot better contract than the original,’ union worker says

Vox Media Union Calls Layoffs “Unconscionable”

The publisher behind Vox, The Verge and New York magazine laid off 7 percent of its workforce last Friday.

Video: AFL-CIO President Liz Shuler on Morning Joe, discussing this year's BLS union density numbers, inflation & more. "Working people just want stability...[but] what we're seeing are corporations price gouging. This is about equity."

Google employees went from in-office perks to being randomly laid off by email in what she described as a "really bad game of Russian roulette."

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