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Labor News Update - 02/14/2023

Top Story: 

Women lost more jobs early in the pandemic. They're also returning faster.

Although women bore the brunt of early pandemic job losses, many, like Feliciano, are rushing back into the labor force at higher rates than their male counterparts. The percentage of working-age women in the labor force has nearly recovered from pre-pandemic levels, whereas men still have more ground to make up. When compared to the pandemic low point in April 2020, women’s labor force participation rates are up by 3.4 percentage points, while for men it’s 2.1 percentage points.

Tesla Workers Launch Union Campaign in New York

Tesla Autopilot Workers Push For Union

The Lowell TeleMedia Center, a nonprofit that provides local programming and broadcasts government meetings, announced its staff are now certified as a union.

Nurses At The George Washington University Hospital Are Organizing A Union

Captain Jack's Budtenders Form Union With Teamsters Local 1932

The Teamsters Union is demanding answers to the proposed change of operations at Yellow Corp. after the company sent revised change-of-operations notifications to the union on Feb. 7.


Workers fight for union recognition, hold rally in downtown Asheville

Union-busting is Disgusting: 

LaGuardia Airport Workers Claim Anti-Union Retaliation —

Swissport USA workers claim they were fired after protesting poor working conditions

Sonoma Valley hotel workers accuse company of ‘union busting’

Starbucks Dealt Massive Legal Blow in Key Union City — The coffee giant denies any anti-union activity, but the Labor Board disagrees

Greektown Starbucks Workers Announce Union Effort; Organizers Accuse Company of Stalling Negotiations

This Day in Labor History:

Abolitionist Frederick Douglass is born into slavery in Talbot County on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. The exact date of his birth is unknown, but Douglass chose to celebrate February 14 as his birthdate. “Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will.”

Each year in February, Teamsters take a moment to reflect upon and remember a leader who changed the course of history for working men and women in America. James R. Hoffa, born February 14, 1913, served as General President of the Teamsters Union from 1957 to 1971. In that time, he inspired thousands to stand up and let their voices be heard.

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