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Labor News Update - 02/16/2023

Tesla fired dozens of Gigafactory workers after Tuesday’s union announcement: NLRB complaint

Employers Steal Up to $50 Billion From Workers Every Year. It’s Time to Reclaim It — A recent victory over wage theft shows what workers everywhere need to claw back their stolen pay—support, resources and enforcement.

It has been nearly two years since the United States began pressing Mexico over labor rights violations by using rapid dispute resolution methods contained in the U.S.-Mexico Canada free trade agreement.

Big Union Steps Up Help to Fill Frontline Public-Sector Jobs

Striking Loudoun Transit workers rallied outside the County Govt Center on Tuesday evening to push supervisors—particularly those who took campaign donations from unions in their last election campaigns—to back them in their battle with contractor Keolis.

Academic Workers Rally for Union Recognition - Harvard Magazine 

Wisconsin AFL-CIO: Statement on Governor Evers’ proposed 2023-25 Wisconsin state biennial budget

Lawmakers consider stiffer penalties for Oregon businesses that violate workplace safety rules

Lawmakers are pushing for higher pay for federal and Washington, D.C. government employees.

Summary of NLRB Decisions for Week of February 6 - 10, 2023

Workers say now is the time to do the impossible.

Game Workers Are About To Take On The Biggest Boss Fight Of All

‘32 Nasty:’ Rail Workers Say They Knew the Train That Derailed in East Palestine Was Dangerous

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