BlueCollarWriter Labor News Update


Labor News Update - 02/21/2023

Board Rules that Employers May Not Offer Severance Agreements Requiring Employees to Broadly Waive Labor Law Rights

NLRB Region 7-Detroit Wins Injunction Requiring Starbucks to Rehire Unlawfully Fired Worker, Post the Court’s Order, and Cease and Desist from Unlawful Activities Nationwide

Vermont workers deserve ‘good cause’ job protections

Starbucks workers in Valparaiso vote to unionize, saying many can't afford to live in Valpo

Banning non-compete clauses is a complement to, not a substitute for, union power. Just ask trailblazing baseball star Curt Flood.

The End of the Warrior Met Strike and the Utter Failure of the Democratic Imagination

Anime Voice Actors Speak Out: It’s Not Kawaii When We Aren’t Paid

How the Biden administration is helping protect the most vulnerable and exploited workers  exploited-workers

Temple University and striking graduate students reach tentative agreement - No details were immediately available. The union had been seeking a 50% wage hike, while the university was offering 3%.

Union nurses reach agreement with Maine Medical Center on paid leave, other benefits

The announcement comes after the hospital confirmed in December union nurses lost benefits, including paid leave for bereavement, jury duty, and military service.

Peoria Public Library union employees working under expired contract as negotiations continue

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