BlueCollarWriter Labor News Update


Labor News Update - 02/23/2023


Union officials say cost cutting led to significant derailment rate increase

Google Subcontractors Face Low Pay, Inadequate Benefits, Union Survey Finds

Statement from Alphabet Workers Union-CWA in support of Seattle ordinance to ban caste discrimination

‘Lavatory waste comes on us’: New York airport workers protest unsanitary conditions

Union Veterans Council Leads Delegation to Express Solidarity with Ukraine

Under a new labor rule, justice is coming for Starbucks workers

FedEx Pilots Plan Strike-Authorization Vote as Labor Talks Stall

Panel: Unions are the road to good jobs for Black workers

4 million days of strikes: Why so many workers walked out in 2022

Maui and Lānai hospital workers strike after rejecting new contract

House cafeteria workers eyeing pickets, walkouts if contract talks sour

WGA East Files Third Unfair Labor Practices Charge Against Hearst Magazines Media

Actors' Equity Association Report Reveals 'Progress Towards Diversity and Equity' in 2021

Packers Sanitation Services made  off the backs of children cleaning a meatpacking plant.

You might've heard that the FTC is moving to ban noncompete clauses, which employers can use to trap workers.

They're not the first to take on this fight. Read about baseball players' unions successes:

Economy and Jobs

Walmart and Home Depot are getting ready for a consumer slowdown

Noncompetes' : Companies can no longer silence laid-off employees in exchange for severance

A February 13, 2023 ruling by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) clarifies whether employees can be disciplined for recording conversations with management officials.

Why are nurses quitting? Ask the nurse no hospital will hire

Jobs Market Holds Steady as Economy Grew Slightly Less Than Forecasted Earlier in the Fourth Quarter

There are districts in Kentucky that wouldn't hire a Black person to be superintendent. It's unfortunate, but we still have people who think that way."

Won't Cannabis Vending Machines Cut Jobs?

Politics and Legislation

Kentucky: The Senate Education Committee Has Now Added SB 7 to it's Agenda: Take action now

How the Fed can close the racial wealth gap: AFL-CIOS William Spriggs (Video)

Labor Spotlight on Black History Month

Black History Month Profiles: Yvonne Brooks

Black History Month Profiles: Dejon Ellis Jr.

Take Action

Workers at Hearst deserve a fair union contract that reflects the standards set across the media industry, yet management is has been holding out for TWO YEARS!

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