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Labor News Update - 02/28/2023


Biden nominates Julie Su, currently deputy labor secretary, for top job

Machinists Union Applauds President Biden’s Nomination of Julie Su as U.S. Labor Secretary

Union workers protest Iowa child labor bill

L.A. teachers union reelects leader amid push for 20% raise, smaller classes, family aid

Free Training: Union apprenticeships offer another option for career prep,83423

UMWA: "I urge Congress to take the necessary steps to quickly pass the PRO Act. Don’t allow American workers to face any more years of unrest at the hands of greedy corporations.”

Workers at a Maumee Starbucks on Tuesday petitioned the federal government and its local management to hold a union election.

ISS urges Starbucks shareholders back review of labor policies

Duke University graduate student workers push for recognition of union

Summary of NLRB Decisions for Week of February 13 - 17, 2023

No-Strike Clauses: Tips for First-Contract Bargainers

Tom Conway (USW Intl pres): Social Security is a contract with workers

FRANCISCO Actor's Equity Member Marie Shell & Tony Marcus Sing The "Ballad for Harry Bridges"

Republicans have figured out how to have it both ways. They get cheap labor for their big business buddies, while stoking the hate and fear of their white racist base

Albany firefighters reach four-year deal

UAW runoff election nears end, counting to start Wednesday

BBC Journalism Union Members Vote in Favor of Strike

Call to Action

AFL-CIO Alert: Protect working people! Pass the PRO Act! Add your name now:

Kentucky: There’s still time to take action - Two bills attacking public sector unions

Workplace Safety, Health and Rights 

Crew tried to stop train before toxic derailment, NTSB preliminary report says

Amazon Driver Says AI Is Tracking Their Every Move, Even Beard Scratching

Alone and Exploited, Migrant Children Work Brutal Jobs Across the U.S. Arriving in record numbers, they’re ending up in dangerous jobs that violate child labor laws — including in factories that make products for well-known brands like Cheetos and Fruit of the Loom.

Jobs and Economy 

General Motors is cutting several hundred salaried jobs across the globe, most in the United States, as it looks to flawlessly launch several new electric vehicles this year in a bid to gain new market share in the increasingly competitive space.

Why Biden’s Commerce chief is wary of expanding the economic clash with China: 'Jobs'

Here Are Major Companies Taking Advantage Of Biden’s Green Tax Initiatives—And Creating More Than 65,000 Jobs

Despite a strong jobs report in February, layoffs may be ahead

Teachers Are Sharing The Second Jobs They Have To Make Ends Meet

Labor Celebrates Black History Month

The TWU celebrates #BlackHistoryMonth by recognizing our very own brother, mentor and friend John Bland. Mr. Bland was a fierce negotiator and civil rights activist who helped end segregation in Houston by leading the city’s first sit-in at Weingarten’s grocery store lunch counter. 

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