Solidarity Spotlight

Workers are rising up and taking a stand for their rights on the job. BlueCollarWriter Media and our PRO-UNION sponsors want to help. We will be shining the spotlight on workers who are organizing their workplaces by forming UNIONS. The goal of this feature is so others can learn about their stories, struggles and how to send Solidarity to these Working Class Heroes.

Sunergos Workers Union

"Organizing a union to win a seat at the table and collectively raise standards across our industry and across Louisville."

KY 120 United- AFT

KY120 United-AFT supports educators & professors, state workers, classified employees, retirees, & allies in all of Kentucky’s 120 counties.

"In March 2018, KY120 United organized to support educators, state workers, and the families and communities we serve in all of Kentucky’s 120 counties. We had grown tired of watching barely-disguised school voucher programs attempt to siphon public funding from public education. We had grown weary of seeing constant schemes to privatize essential public services. We had grown sick of accepting inadequate compromises in our fight for fair compensation and secure retirement benefits... "

Official organizing website.

Read the Invitation to Join organizing letter.

UCW Kentucky

We are building power for ALL campus workers and public healthcare workers in Kentucky

"United Campus Workers of Kentucky is the wall-to-wall campus and public healthcare employees union for the Commonwealth of Kentucky representing faculty, staff, graduate and undergraduate workers. Together, we are fighting for public institutions that truly serve the public good..."

Heine Brothers Coffee Union: Update, they Won! Union YES!

Click here to view their victory

"Heine Brothers' Baristas are coming together to demand the better wages, workplace respect, and job stability we deserve. We have decided to organize because we love our jobs and we love delivering quality service to our customers. We need and deserve the changes we're fighting for. Sign the petition below today! We are committed winning union representation. Will you stand with us? "

Click here to follow the Heine Brothers Coffee Union official social media accounts and for information on how you can support them