Kentucky Teacher Shares Facebook Post About Recent Problems at Her School

"Vandalism to a co-teacher's car, made to teach in 80 degree classrooms and we wonder why teachers are leaving the profession in droves. Shameful ' - Matt Alley, BlueCollarWriter Media.

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Editor's Notes:

4/27/2022 Update

4/28/2022 Lexington detail shop helping teacher after his car was vandalized on school property

4/28/2022 Students painted phallic symbol on Lexington teacher’s car. District wouldn’t pay for cleanup


20 days left in year 17 of teaching.

Last week, a coworkers car was spray painted, allegedly, by a student, during school hours. This teacher, as a result of going to work ended up with a spray painted car that he takes his kids to school in and drives around the community in. It now has a spray painted penis on the door.And our district has said since it’s personal property, that they can’t be bothered to help fix it. Never mind we actually have an auto body repair vocational program that could do this for free while teaching students, noooooo. Instead, my friend gets to drive around with a spray painted penis on his car with his wife and children to school and church, or pay a $500 deductible and take an increase to his insurance, all because they came to work.

Today, my classroom was 82 degrees with 80% humidity. I don’t know if you have had the joyful experience of trying to motivate a kid to work with 20 days left of school while you are both completely drenched in sweat and can’t hear each other over the multiple running fans, but it truly is a special one. 12 years in this building and for 12 years we have heard we were next for new HVAC, and yet, here we are in a room that is 12 degrees hotter than it is outside. It’s been a long and sweaty 12 years.

And we wonder why people are leaving teaching in droves. Maybe we don’t really have to think that hard before we could land on a likely answer.