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BlueCollarWriter Labor Media originally began in 1999 as a blog called Resist Oppression when I was working as a print journalist. You see, I grew up in a union household and watched my dad fight for and finally won a union at his workplace.  You could say I was literally born into the union movement since his first attempt to unionize his workplace was when my mom was pregnant with yours truly.  Needless to say, I understand the importance of unions and how the system is stacked against workers to organize.  Back to the beginnings of BCW Labor Media, I was noticing Unions seemed to be a dirty word because of all the media outlets were being gobbled up by large corporations. Realizing I was unapologetically pro-union, I needed an outlet for my working class commentaries and opinion pieces that seemingly were not welcome in the mainstream media at the time...well, I found the internet and a niche audience of others disgruntled with the lack of news about unions and issues facing working families.  Around this time I got on the radar of the United Mine Workers of America union and retired the blog since I began work as a staff member for the union and wrote for their publication, The UMW Journal.  I spent my time as a union organizer too and spent the next few decades serving in various labor communications consulting roles  labor unions and pro-labor political figures.  In 2018,  social media was now a thing and I decided to rebrand Resist Oppression as BlueCollarWriter Labor Media. Since then the brand has grown and in 2021 became a fulltime gig for me with donations, pro-labor advertisers and crowdsourcing being the financial means to keep the lights on as they say.  Two decades later and the mantra of Kicking Ass for the Working Class still drives me every single day to write pro-union commentaries and help workers in their fight  in any way I can.

Matt Alley, owner of BlueCollarWriter Labor Media

Martin County residents receive large water donation

In the midst of dealing with multiple water issues, Martin County residents received a large donation of clean drinking water from helpful hands across the state of Kentucky on Sunday.

Blue Collar Writer Matt Alley, along with Teamsters unions in the state, started organizing the donation in January.

Teamsters Local 783 President John Stovall said their goal as a union is to try and build the community up. "We look out for each other, our brothers and sisters across the state. We try to work together and when we see a need to try to fill that need," he said.


On Solidarity and the Blackjewel Coal Miners

Kentucky miners have been blocking trains loaded with coal from leaving the mine after Blackjewel, the sixth largest coal mining company in the country just two years ago, abruptly filed for bankruptcy on July 1. Hundreds of workers were left with no severance or health benefits, and the company stopped payment on their last paychecks. As of this writing, the miners are still protesting, demanding they be paid. Labor activist Matt Alley of Blue Collar Writer sent the material below on the opportunity for expanding working class solidarity for publication in the People’s Tribune.


Strike-tober! w/guest Matt Alley, Blue Collar Writer

Aaron, Kimberly & Doug discuss the KY News of the Weak including MORE GOP hypocrisy from Frankfort and News u̵n̵d̵e̵r̵ ̵2̵,̵ ̵u̵n̵d̵e̵r̵ ̵3̵, under 5 minutes with Kimberly Cecil-Jones. The Colonels then welcome back good troublemaker and labor organizer, Matt Alley - Blue Collar Writer for a Strike-tober update before closing out with a Call to Action & Events Calendar, including our own Progress Kentucky's Shillito Shindig, Sponsored by Indivisible this SUNDAY!